Telephone Terrorists: Nuisance Calls Crack Down

We’ve all had them, whether it PPI, accident claims or energy bills. The nuisance call cold caller has been around for many years now. But, are their days numbered?


The BBC reports today that there is to be a crackdown on unsolicited cold calling from the Information Commissioners Office (ICO). 1,000 companies in the UK will receive the dreaded letter to make sure they are complying with strict data protection laws, and if not, they can expect a hefty fine.

Tell the truth

I had a call myself last Friday (20th November 2015). A well-mannered and polite young lady called me to inform me she had been instructed to contact me as she had been given exact details of my recent car accident.

Rather amazing I thought to myself as I have not been behind the wheel of a car in many years and had certainly not been involved in any sort of accident since gaining my license.

I asked who had provided her the information. The phone went down. Her blatant lie of a sales pitch had unravelled inside 30 seconds and there was now nowhere to go.

If, however she had simply asked me had I been involved in an accident I could have informed her no, but a friend of mine was on the Wednesday and if she had left her number I would have happily passed on her details to my friend for her to decide whether she wanted to pursue or not.

Sales opportunity lost for being dishonest!

Few ruining it for many

I worked in call centres for years as both telesales agent and a sales manager. Everywhere I worked took the law on data protection extremely seriously. Lying to potential customers was not permitted at all and if any complaint was generated to the contrary heads would roll.

There are, however, some real sharks out there. Companies who give their staff free reign to say, and do, as they like in pursuit of the sale. Money motivated scammers looking for a quick buck rather than provide a helpful service. These are the type of companies that could well see the end of telesales as we know it.

Do you have any telesales stories, good or bad, to share? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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