Lego A better investment than Gold

Lego 1

Lego, it seems, is worth more than its weight in gold. The beloved toy brand has crushed the returns of numerous investments since the year 2000. It wouldn’t be the first thing you considered when making an investment, but maybe it should.

In the last 15 years the value of the popular Danish building blocks has continued to increase, with “pristine condition” sets appreciating 12%, according to the Telegraph, which added prices jump when a model is discontinued, and that sets from last year are up around 36%.

This kind of return is incredible when you consider the return on gold is around 9.6%.

Unsurprisingly, specialised sets such as Star Wars editions are most in demand, but apparently everyday versions are still highly sought after according to the Telegraph, which crunched the numbers from Lego enthusiast site, which in turn crunches eBay’s numbers. The Internet auction site is the most common trading ground for rare and discontinued models. And since Lego is constantly retooling its offerings, the exchange is healthy.

If you are going to consider buying Lego as an investment there are some important things to do.

  • The big money is in pristine sets so you would need to keep out of direct sunlight to avoid any fading to the box.
  • Stand vertically to avoid any staining to the box.
  • Never open it! I know the temptation to build the Millennium Falcon may be eating you up inside but don’t do it. The really valuable sets are untouched.
  • Vacuum pack the boxes. This way it is air tight and less likely to be affected by the environment you are storing it in.

Lego 2

What investments have you made with great returns? Please leave comments below, we would love to hear from you.


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