1st week progress: £5k Saving Challenge

My first week as a frugal saver is over and I have to say in just one week I can see the progress. It’s certainly opened up my eyes to how much money I have been throwing away over the last few years.


The meal plan was a great success. Admittedly, it didn’t quite go to plan on the specified days but over the week not a single thing bought was wasted or thrown away. I switched 3 meals to different day’s total. The daily stress of what I was going to make for tea vanished, no extra ingredients were bought and not a single take-away was consumed!


I have to hold my hands up and say I did treat myself to a bacon and egg barm at work on the Friday, but on the whole it was still a huge improvement on recent times.

All last weeks recipes have been uploaded, well the ones that are not obvious like sausage and mash and a Sunday roast!

Staying focused

One week is all fine and well, but let’s face it, it’s a drop in the ocean compared to a whole year as I’ve planned.

I have made an appointment with my bank to open a Help to Buy ISA at the end of the month to keep me on the right track. Knowing the appointment is made is all the motivation I need not to let my super frugal start to the year disappear in the blink of an eye and show up with little to nothing to open it with.

Homer beer

I have found setting these little goals each month has helped massively in making me think about what I am spending on. The very fact that I managed to go to the pub for an hour and leave on Friday due to feeling guilty about the money I was spending tells its own story. Some might say a miracle!

Who knows, maybe I’ll even consider kicking the smoking in to touch too!

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